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This IT Professional forum is specific to the Office version. My client purchased a retail box version of Office back when it was the most current product. (United States) to be presented with the message "Telephone activation is no . what you do is make a text file with the following code in it.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Change APN Settings AT&T MMS, 4G LTE Data and Picture Messages

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Samsung readies dual-mode 4G TDD/FDD LTE phones for China

The good news is you can make phones that are compatible with both standards, as Samsung has just proved. These two abbreviations stand for 'time-division duplexing' and 'frequency-division duplexing'.

  • The two devices will provide users with access to its fast 4G network.
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  • Samsung's dual FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini will launch in September - Alex Kidman.
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  • Samsung's dual FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini will launch in September?
  • They're two different methods of cramming data and phone calls into the connection to your friendly local phone tower. Duplexing is just where your phone can transmit and receive at the same time, unlike a walkie-talkie, which can only do one at once this is called simplexing. TDD means the transmission and reception occur on the same frequency, but each only for a split second, alternating between the two.

    • Samsung Galaxy S4 is vital for 4G users in India and China | TelecomLead?
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    • That's great for mobile Internet use, because you can use more of the bandwidth available for either downloading or uploading, whichever you happen to be doing. FDD, meanwhile, means you're using a slightly different frequency for uploading and downloading. The benefit of this method is less possible interference -- better reception.

      Samsung Galaxy S4

      It's unclear which standard gives faster downloads, and it would be difficult to eliminate all the possible variables to produce a meaningful answer. The real difference between the two systems is where they're used, and therefore where you can use your 4G phone. China's biggest phone company, China Mobile, is rolling out TDD, and industry watchers expect it to expand around the world. Australian network Optus has both, but because it's such a big country the spectrum is divided up by region and in the capital, Canberra, it can only supply TDD.