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A BMI of 25 to Fitter rises to the top because it includes not only a BMI calculator, but also widgets to estimate your basal metabolic rate , body fat based on hip and forearm measurements, and waist-to-hip ratio. Taken together, these measurements offer a more holistic look at body composition than BMI alone can provide. Even better, the app includes information about each measurement and is honest about these measurements' limitations, such as the fact that BMI can be inaccurate in people who are very muscular. Fitter includes options for both metric and imperial units, and its simple, mostly black-and-white interface is easy to use.

Under the Progress tab, users can find their current stats as well as graphs showing progress over time for each.

BMI Mobile App

This tracking feature is another distinguishing factor for Fitter, as many BMI apps are calculator-only. Fitter also works as a simple weight tracker, allowing users to set weight-loss goals and reminders to weigh themselves. This upgrade also enables data exporting, allows password protection and puts your weight-loss data right on the app icon. This app is simply what it says it is: You can enter your height in feet and inches, centimeters, or just inches; and your weight in kilograms, pounds or stones a unit sometimes used in the U.

A color-coded graph tracks BMI over time.

BMI Calculator: How Healthy Is Your Weight?

Points in the green zone indicate normal weight, yellow indicates overweight and red indicates obesity. Fall below green into gray and you're underweight, according to the BMI tables.

  1. BMI Calculator: Measure Body Mass Index and Fat;
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  6. ‎BMI Calculator‰ on the App Store!

The usual BMI categories are standardized for adult men and women of any age, but for children, the tables vary according to age. Conveniently, BMI Calculator has an optional section to include age for users younger than Most apps can't handle adolescent or kid BMI calculations, but this one can. BMI Calculator could be improved with the inclusion of a little more reference information. A pop-up informs users of their results and weight category, but gives little context as to what weight they would need to achieve to fall into a healthier category, or why the categories matter.

Of course, users already familiar with BMI and its implications may prefer this no-nonsense approach. BMI Calculator includes banner ads, but they're relatively subtle.

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The interface is clean, simple and uncluttered. BMI calculators are relatively simple, so there are a lot of free ones to pick from.

Among the bare-bones options, we liked CalculateBMI free, iOS , an app with the weight of a federal institution behind it. Offered by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, this app simply calculates adult BMI based on height and weight in either metric or imperial units.

Body Mass Index Calculator

There is no tracking feature and no other bells and whistles, but the home screen conveniently lists the BMI scale and which numbers qualify someone as underweight, normal, overweight or obese. An information link takes you directly to the NHLBI page that explains the importance of a healthy weight — a very authoritative source on the topic. Each calculation appears on a screen that offers a personalized ideal number for that measurement. For 99 cents, myBMI 99 cents, iOS is costlier than other calculators, but doesn't have the annoying ads.

BMI Mobile | wosudybunoni.ml

The app allows calculations in metric and imperial units, and lets you enter your height in inches, or in feet and inches. This app also includes more detail in its BMI scale, breaking down the "overweight" category into four classes. These classes are linked to the risk of health problems, and the app shows how more weight brings more health risks. Despite the odd punctuation, this app is heavily downloaded and well-reviewed, and for good reason. The program can be installed on Android 2. Just click the green Download button above to start.

Until now the program was downloaded times.

Work out your body mass index

We already checked that the download link to be safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus. The latest version is 2. See below the changes in each version:. Body Mass Index is not for people with high muscle mass. This simple BMI calculator calculates your Body Mass Index from a user specified height and weight and calculates what level you're in underweight, normal Continue to app Rating: The application allows you to calculate your body mass index - BMI.