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He is Kathy Po's direct superior. He was entrusted with the care of Heero's cryocapsule for the past number of years. He is the pilot the Epyon White, calling it 'Nataku' as with his previous Gundams. Called by the nickname 'Neo-Titanium Girl'. Lady Une is her aide, and Sylvia Noventa is her ambassador to Mars. Preventer has called for her assassination with the initiation of Operation Mythos.


She was frozen on her way to Mars from Earth in case of unknown complications. She at first seems to have returned to her political position of total pacifism that she had espoused as sovereign of Sanc Kingdom, but reveals she is in fact is being held as a hostage by the Noinheim Konzern and has no true political power. The PPP nanotech hidden within the Martian Endemic vaccine prevents violent actions from being taken towards her. Her older brother was the first President of Mars.

She has remained Relena Peacecraft's right hand woman after her awakening. While Noin's brother operated as President under his name, he traveled Mars with their daughter, Naina. He seems to have not aged despite the time that has passed on Mars. He now pilots the Tallgeese Heaven, which utilizes anti-nanotech technology.

The twin daughter of Zechs Merquise and Lucrezia Noin. She was left in Hilde Schbeiker's care when she was younger, but later rejoined her father and became Relena Peacecraft's 'knight' like her mother. She closely resembles her father and appears to be more serious than her brother.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

The twin son of Zechs Merquise and Lucrezia Noin, he resembles his mother and seems more playful and less serious than his sister. He is a talented flautist. He and Katherine Winner seem to have an attraction to one another.

He is in actuality Noin's older brother, using Milliardo's name as an alias. He was the head figure of the Noinheim Konzern, a shady group which was one of the first to be involved with Martian terraformation. A nanobot replication of Zechs Merquise, complete with his memories. Elder sister of Quatre Raberba Winner. One of her patients was Relena's adoptive mother, Marleen Darlian. Leader of the Maganac Corps. Often visited and tended to Katherine Winner in her youth.

By early MC, he has a wife named Kami. As an elderly woman, she was treated at the Winner Hospital. Katherine Winner reunites her with her daughter when Relena is elected President of Mars. When her sister, from whom she was cloned, died, Stella was treated with the girl's stem cells and recovered, and their friendship grew apart, with Stella beginning to harass Katherine with her new friends for being a spare. She was later killed in the crossfire of a rebellion against Mars Federation forces.

Post a Comment. While Gundam Wing is a very dour show at times, it still plays with its audience when it comes to hidden references.


For example, the third episode of the series features a data readout on Heero. Imagine if Gundam were actually being powered with Intel processors? Hepburn as an inspiration for its aristocratic debutante character. One of the most striking things about Gundam Wing the first time that you see it is the bold ending it goes out on. This encounter between Relena and Heero involves him destroying an invitation to her birthday party without even reading the thing.

That being said, the more brutal version that is ultimately used does feel like the more exciting decision. Gundam Wing shares one of the rare honors of being a Gundam series that is set in some Alternate Century timeline that exists outside of the predominant Universal Century.

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Later on, Quatre is examining the blueprints for Sandrock when he sees that his mobile suit possesses movable frames and Gundarium Theta, both which also tie back to the Universal Century timeline. When it comes to the characters and procedures that are tied to the mustache-twirling OZ, the references to the Emerald City become all the more clear.

Accordingly, you might have made the association between Zechs and Char Aznable from the original Mobile Suit Gundam due to the fact that they both wear such specific masks. While Zechs and Lucrezia both follow the same motivations as their predecessors, their relationship with each other also mirrors that of Zabi and Aznable which begins in friendship and ends in betrayal.

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Even Relena has more than a few similarities with Sayla Mass from the original series. It was the perfect way of teasing the new series, which would premiere the very next week. Gundam Wing has the luxury of being a Gundam series that spans nearly 50 episodes, allowing a great deal of development to go on between its characters.

Unfortunately, this introspective plan had to be scrapped when scheduling became complicated and tumultuous after head writer, Katsuyuki Sumisawa, suddenly quit the series. Weirdos do exist though. The Gundam Perfect Mission 30 th Anniversary short is a great little gem, and the entire concept of the Gundam Evolve shorts revolve around tradition.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Gundam Wing might not get such an honor, but it does happen to share a premiere date with the original series, Mobile Suit Gundam. Deciding to have this premiere date on the anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam in order to call upon the heavy tradition of the series is a great way to conjure up nostalgia, too. Hidden alliances and double agents are not exactly foreign entities to Gundam series.

Such an alliance between Zechs and Treize might surprise you at first, but the idea here is that the two of them intentionally set out to make the Eve War between the Earth Nation and White Fang as grueling and miserable as possible so people would be more receptive to the idea of pacifism. These are shows filled with giant mobile suits! A number of integral mobile suits have been put through the wringer in various series, with Gundam Wing showing no fear in the area of killing its mecha-darlings.

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Granted, Trowa might not be charging into battle with the same veracity as Heero or Duo, but he certainly goes through his share of battles. Having tons of gatling guns come in handy. No, not Endless Waltz, which actually does act as a satisfying epilogue to the Gundam Wing series.

Gundam Perfect Mission 30th Anniversary Short Full HD

The most frustrating thing here is that Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop has original writer, Katsuyuki Sumisawa, in place and yet this project is still full of so many confusing decisions.