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This IT Professional forum is specific to the Office version. My client purchased a retail box version of Office back when it was the most current product. (United States) to be presented with the message "Telephone activation is no . what you do is make a text file with the following code in it.

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For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter. The picture quality in good light is very good, even though closer inspection reveals a fair bit of noise. I saw this thread in MIUI for some shots taken by a very enthusiastic user http: My shots have not been anywhere close to this quality.

The front selfie camera produces good still photos, considering the price tag of the phone. If you are into features, the phone does not have a front selfie flash. A left swipe from the edge brings the camera modes and setting option. An irritating feature is that the photo options are rather stupid. Panorama mode, and slow-mo video and time lapse video are available. This being my first owned phone with a fingerprint scanner, I was curious to see how it worked compared to the implementations I have seen with Samsung and Apple devices.

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What I noticed is that when it works, its super fast and downright good. The fingerprint sensor is located at the back of the phone near the camera, and the location is very intuitive. The fingerprint registration requires around scans to confirm and save a new fingerprint. The in-built speaker is quite loud and does very well in speakerphone mode but can be a bit shrilly. The in-ear audio quality is very good for calls with the microphone pickup also be clear to the recipient. When you are on a call on one SIM, the other is put on standby any caller will get the phone is not switched on message for the standby SIM.

The performance of the 3GB unit maybe slightly better due to more available memory, but even the 2GB performed well. General user interface is nippy and smooth, browsing fast and smooth. While the Helio X10 chipset in the phone is fast 2ghz cores single core performance is still not up to Snapdragon levels.

The Snapdragon version of this phone true to Qualcomm design, provides much better single core performance. The Vellamo multi-core illustrates how powerful the Redmi Note 3 performs in multi-core mode, where it actually comes to match the Snapdragon powered LG G4, leaving the rest in its wake. So for apps that can use the full cores, this phone should give really good performance.

While general browsing is smooth, the benchmarks indicate this as a key weakness of the Helio X10 chipset. Compared to other phones running Android 5. For the price bracket the Redmi Note 3 performance is very good, among the best one might say. Scores from Vellamo Browser for Chrome shows that the Redmi Note 3 offers superior scores to Snapdragon and powered devices, but is not able to get close to the Snapdragon and flagships that are around 2 years old now and are priced similar for used devices in the market.

Unusually the much less powerful MT powered Ulefone Paris and Blue Life One seems to be able to perform better on the browsing department remains a major anomaly. The GPU scores while not current flagship levels, are more than adequate for most average gamers. See http: While rapid charge tech only works with supported chargers, when connected to my laptop which can do max 1. Battery usage in standby is decent, and I can get around 1.

The key consumer of battery tends to be the display. However one thing was obvious, the hardware on these phone was pre , yet Windows seemed more than efficient compared to Android that it helped smooth operations with rather mediocre hardware. The first phone to break this mold was the Lumia , as it for the first time a Windows Phone 8 device matched the Android flagship phones on the hardware. However to the WP8 buyers the question was?

Nokia Lumia 1020 Overview

Was this phone still better than the older flagship the Lumia ? Had Nokia Microsoft changed their focus on the top end camera performance on their flagship? However for Nokia and Microsoft it was clear it was not just about the camera, but also making the phone match the performance of the Android in the industry test, since many buyers tend to look at the media for their purchase decisions, and negative flak about the low end of the hardware, were dragging the Lumia image down.

The Lumia range no matter what the phone had some form of the the dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus Krait processor inside the phone until the the arrival of the Lumia and the look alike lower budget Lumia The Lumia features the cutting edge hardware during its launch, featuring the quad-core 2. The android club might say only 2GB? I have used the Lumia , , , , and , and got a chance to try the Lumia from a friend, and I immediately noticed the gain on the performance in general OS usage.

The resolution impact may not be noticeable in most apps due to the Windows big font approach however! First and foremost comparing devices on the same platform with the same tools maybe relevant in some ways, but when comparing against different platforms this can be totally meaningless factor. Reason is that how the operating platform behave, the optimizations, etc means the real performance you feel can be vastly different though the hardware might be the same. Take for example an Apple IPhone 4S, a Lumia and any Android phone running a dual-core processor with MB memory, and I can say the Android phone feels really slow, but the other two devices are far more smoother.

Finding free benchmarks for Window Phone devices are not easy, and even paid once are not many. So seeing how well it performs against phones running other platforms are not easy for a blogger like me. Results shown are a combination of data extracted from the web, and my personal tests. The overall test one might say are give an usual picture showing the Nexus 5 and Lumia to have near equal results, and that makes sense when they are running nearly the same hardware configuration.

We also see the quantum improvement of the new Lumia compared to the older Lumia However the graphics test for Basemark provides is rather different, and questions the accuracy of the test. The chart below has the Nexus 5 roaring massively ahead of the Lumia , and also ahead of the IPhone 5S.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Price in Sri Lanka

Once might say the Windows 8. But the comparison of the Windows devices here makes sense, and see how much more powerful the Lumia GPU and CPU combination is compared to the Lumia almost 4x times. A review of the Nokia published in www. One of the most favorite and still popular WP8 Lumia phones is the for it classy design.

The new co-flagship to the Lumia the Lumia harks back to this design, but sadly the Lumia opted more for a plasticky feel though it has the strong and sturdy polycarbonate chassis. The worst is the red variant as it has a glossy body making it feel really cheap, however the other colors have a matte type surface similar to the Lumia , giving it a more refined and premium feel. The design though has very little novelties, and seems to be more functional. I like that they put the power button at the middle as it makes the phone operable with single hand thank to this design touch something the HTC designers for instance missed out with the HTC butterfly I had sometime back.

The SIM card and microSD slots have trays rather than simply inserting the devices which also gives it it a premium feel. Though the phone features optical image stabilization, it has a slim shape something that Nokia got right with the and the same mantra is applied to the Lumia The phone is large, and definitely a phablet and bordering a tablet, but heavy at g. However when you hold it, you will realize it does not seem to heavy compared to say the Lumia Weird when the is much lighter. This all boils down to the weight balance and design, as the camera hump on the Lumia definitely upsets the phone balance for normal use.

I have the Lumia next to my Nexus 5, and you see the difference of what one calls a large 4. The users of these devices mainly want to watch videos, play games, and hence the quality of the display is very very important. The display comes with a protective layer of Corning Glass 2, unusual that it uses the older generation of this tech, when even the Lumia had Corning glass 3? Could this be a cost issue?

The display also has the supersensitive touch tech aka glove mode which is something Nokia has been bragging with the Lumia range and the only one to omit this surprisingly is the new Lumia The Lumia display is also supposed to have something called Assertive Display Technology got that from wpcentral.

The display has good color representation, and decent legibility outdoors, and great legibility indoors. The display however is very reflective, and a matter screen protector may seem a good option if you are an outdoor user. While Nokia and Microsoft will like you to believe the camera in the Lumia is a match for the Lumia , from a photographic perspective there have been improvements, but there have been sacrifices as well. To the purist this sacrifices are too much, and the Lumia continues to be the camera flagship in the market for those who want the best in photographs but also know how to use a device to get the best out of it more on this later!

First compare the against what most would compare, the Lumia Immediately you notice many of the photography oriented features have been removed and moved mainstream. Xenon LED is out, the sensor is substantially smaller the Lumia sensor is The difference in ratio to the Lumia sensor is shown below. While I am not an Apple fanboy, the native camera app for Apple phones may have very little control, with things improving with the new iOS 8 which now features exposure control. However Apple iOS does support in its latest version many advanced photographic control capabilities similar to the Windows OS, which is harnessed by third party camera apps such as ProCam.

My comparison table is with the native camera app, however expect some great camera apps for iOS 8 devices. The picture below shows the Lumia camera lens and the Nexus 5. I have a Lumia prior and found that it takes very good photos to match a decent point and shoot digital. The Lumia is good but still not in the same league of the Lumia One of the biggest pain points of the has been the significant lag, as the entire processing of the image is done using the phone hardware not specialized image chip like in the The Lumia features much more powerful hardware, and hence the lag is much less.

However if you have used an IPhone or a top Android phone you will notice the Lumia is still not as fast when its capturing images. The chances of focusing and getting the shot right are rather poor even with the Lumia The new Nokia Denim update due rebrands the Nokia camera as the Lumia camera, and it seems the big grievences with regard to the camera performance is supposedly getting some serious fixes that should bring joy to Nokia , , , users!

Fixes include the following and if this works, the Lumia phones are going to really improve on their camera performance! If you read many reviews of camera comparisons of phones, one thing becomes obvious. The best hardware, and most featured camera app alone is not going to make your phone the best camera app. There is a lot more, for those who like to click and have the device do the thinking in digital cameras we call this the auto mode , the IQ of the camera logic is vital.

Importance factors include the way the camera metering works, the speed of the focus lock, specially under low light situations. You will also notice that the focus of HTC and Apple has been different in the camera department, as they have avoided the megapixel game, and opted for a larger pixel size to allow more light per pixel. HTC with a 4MP version sadly may have gone with too low a resolution, but Apple seems to have picked the correct spot with the 8MP resolution. However unlike the samsung phones, the Lumia phones with Pureview use what is called downsampling where the photos are taken at full resolution and with something called pixel binning scaled into a smaller usually 5MP version that results in a super sharp image if the focus had got it right that is.

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This has been and continues to be the area that Apple still takes the cake, as it provides possibly the best camera app for even the dumbest of users to end up with good photos. Samsung comes a close second is my opinion. Nokia has great cameras, the camera app in Windows is super featured, but in auto mode you may say that the photos are not that great, even with the Lumia My current phone is a Nexus 5, not a great camera phone but a decent one, but I can take much better photos though they may not be that great in sharpness than the Lumia , though the Nexus 5 has much less capable photography specs and the google camera app lacks many of the advanced features.

The Lumia phones have always done well in the audio department, and the Lumia extends this. The large size helps to host larger speaker presumably because the audio is loud and clear on speakerphone mode. Call voice quality on the earpiece is also great. Since I do not have any fancy tech to validate my opinions I switched to GSMArena to see how they rated it, and yes the ratings are good to excellent, not the best but among the best.

The Lumia also brought back something that was missing across the Lumia flagships prior, which was a MicroSD card slot. This would make this phone an ideal multimedia device with great storage flexibility. The 20MP camera with the capability to store in RAW format, would also require large degree of space. This was also one of the key selling points of the Lumia , as it includes a massive mAh capacity battery, and the battery endurance test for this phone was at the top in the GSMArena test, and still continues to be among the top in The larger battery is definitely required for a massive display of this size, but thanks to the much more efficient chipset combined with the large battery the Lumia is one of the few smartphones that can guarantee you a full day operation at minimum, something most smartphones would struggle even with smaller displays.

However the GSMArena battery test are not really enterprise class, as in it does not mimic enterprise users who are very intensive phone users you usually say gamers are intensive users. I will update this post with feedback from my friend who will be using the Lumia as his work phone switching from a traditional blackberry. Lets see how he feels of battery performance of Lumia My colleague has been running the phone for two days, full time on wi-fi at work, and is easily seeing the phone being able to last days. I am waiting to see how the full data mode usage feedback will, but its looking very positive.

Problem 1: I upgraded from Windows 8. Turns out the ability to configure the number of tiles was only available in the 8. However my problem was that what was the default setting was not appearing. Turns out this can happen, and the solution.. Tried it, and yes magic! Seems the upgrade process does not do all the upgrades properly and you may need to do this to make sure you phone is all well.

Problem 2: This was a biggy, I could not get data to work at all, no matter what. I tried resetting again but with no success. I then downloaded the Microsoft Access Point app, which was one solution listed in the forums, but found that this does not support Windows 8. Turns out the problem was that with 8. With Windows 8 I had no problem, so in case you hit this problem speak to the telco provider to provision your SIM first. If you are buying the Lumia for its camera, I say also look at the competitors from Android and iOS.

However one place the Lumia seems to have a great advantage is on the battery endurance. For the purest camera capability currently available get the Lumia , even if its supposedly at the end of life by this year which also means its not going to get any new updates from Microsoft. To me the Lumia still remains a favorite, and still question the Nokia team why they launched the Lumia with the slower chipset when they could have done better and made the Lumia a stunner. However if you want a big display phone with great features with great battery life, the Lumia is one of the best options and I might say one of the best phablet devices out in the market, with the Samsung Note 3 maybe taking the overall crown if you consider the stylus as a need.

Things will surely change with emergence of many phablet products in , led by the IPhone 6 Plus assuming the screen bending issue does not cause a drop in sales , but to me it will be the Note 4 with its astounding spec that will surely be the new benchmark. However the Note 4 and IPhone 6 Plus will be priced over two times of the Lumia , and that to me makes the Lumia a hot buy now more than the time of its launch.

In case you find the great, but a bit too large, the Lumia its co-flagship with same tech but in a slightly smaller profile, and far more premium build feel is a solid but pricey alternative, though the strongest challenger maybe the recently launched HTC One M8 Windows phone version that is looking to be an excellent prospect. Motorola had been brought over by Google decided to take that concept to the next level in the Android world, and put out the Moto G.

While leading Chinese players such as ZTE, Huawei did produce better products than the big gun Samsung, they still had build quality issues and inferior internals. So what makes the Motorola Moto G so popular, and a rebel in the world of mid tier budget phones. From a processing aspect it packs the same kind of hardware found in the Samsung S4 mini and HTC One mini featuring a quad-core 1.

The phone also came with a healthy 1GB memory. The Adreno GPU may not be gaming powerhouse, but for day to day computing it was more than capable, and could provide a decent gaming experience at HD resolution. The other advantage being with Qualcom now the top dog in the mobile arena, the gaming compatibility for Adreno is among the best.

An area usually compromised by budget phones was the display, and Motorola really created a major wave here, as the Moto G featured a 4. The display is not the typical budget type, and has very decent sunlight legibility, brightness, and had a very good punch in color. The resolution in the Moto G is superior to the much pricer Samsung S4 mini and for that matter even superior to the IPhone 5! Another strong point with the Moto G was that it had a comparatively large mAh battery, that would allow the phone to easily last a day with data and general usage, even though it packed quite a powerful chipset and a large display.

Nokia Mobiles Under ₹5, | Smartprix

One of the customized apps strangely is the camera app, though you download third party camera apps and even the Goggle Camera app to use. The Motorola camera app is rather primitive and can make taking decent photos with the limited camera capabilities hard. I used the Google Camera app to get better results than the native Motorola camera app. The native camera app has a tendency to shoot fast, without getting proper focus, and though the native interface saw some tweaks with the Android 4. Under low light, the photos tended to be very noisy, and lacking in detail and sharpness.

The flash is quite powerful, but when taking indoor portraits the flash can be overpowering, and the photos tend to have overexposed wierd effect. The camera has no software or hardware stabilization feature not seen any in this budget to feature such capability , and this means videos can be choppy unless you hold the camera firm. The front camera performs similar to many others, in that it functions and can provide decent footage if the lighting good, and can get grainy and dark if the lighting is poor. The phone was initially launched with a measly 8GB, but it was soon backed by an 16GB version.

The Moto G launcher and customizations were minimal and hence updates were simpler on the part of Motorola. The design of the phone does not have any great innovations, but has a very nice tapered feel in the back that makes it easy to use single handed. The great part of the design is the build quality, as its generally creak free and well put together. The customizable back cover is also a nice feature that should go well with the younger crowd. One of the features of the phone that is less mentioned is the splash resistance design might be also why Motorola made the battery a sealed type though the back cover is removable.

The phone has the basic connectivity, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4. Data wise except the 4G version, the rest are limited to One feature the Moto G support that is not possible with the Nexus range is to OTG feature, which allows you to connect an external storage device such as a flash drive or hard disk.

So how well does this Motorola G perform. Here are some tests that i have run on the processing and browsing aspects. The budget Moto G, provides surprisingly good performance, and with Antutu optimized for multi-core, it manages to provide better scores than the two premium phones from Samsung and HTC the One mini and S4 mini. Interesting it also gives a better score than the Nexus 4, which featured a Snapdragon processor, but was known to be under clocked to avoid heating issues due to the glass back design.

A closer look at detailed test shows that the Adreno GPU provides similar performance to Xperia Z, and twice the performance of a Tegra 3 based device. Clearly you are getting a phone that can do more than fine for your general gaming needs. The Vellamo test has now been beefed up beyond pure web testing, and we see that it performs decently matching the capability of the Xperia Z on both browsing and processing capabilities. The Moto G features a radio, and here it seems that going with vanilla Android, the Motorola developers forgot to add the essential features everyone wants.

For instance to use the FM radio you need to hook a headset so it works as an antenna.

However when you play the radio there is no feature to change the audio to speakerphone in the phone, or to a Bluetooth Audio unit! You can use the HF Button Widget Alpha app to route the radio to the internal speaker phone, but i could not find a way to route it to my Divoom Solo BT speaker seems you can route it to BT headset but not a speaker. The Android 4. The bug makes the phone struggle to maintain 3G connection, and it keeps dropping back to 2G edge.

However this has a relatively simple fix that i found when having similar problems trying Korean-region Samsung phones. This was then followed by a more global launches, and a dual-SIM variant. All three had super pricing that made them hot favorites. A recent version was the 4G LTE version, but this also came with a price hike, that made it move closer to more expensive premium offerings. The Moto G packaging also differs from region to region.