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One of the cutest I have seen. Could you please tell me the names of the colors you used? At any rate, those are the closest ones now available from Cotton-Ease! Thanks for your help. I have to order my yarns online as the only local store that carries yarn is Wal-Mart. Since I can not see the colors in person I have to trust the color charts provided and they are not always accurate so it is nice to have the names of the colors you used. Thanks again! Just would like to thank you for sharing your blackberry salad striped blanket.

There are a number of reasons that can happen. It takes a lot of practice to develop even tension. Another possibility, if your starting edge is the smaller one, is that your chains were a bit tight. In the meantime, since the blanket is already finished, one thing you can do is to block it. Another idea is to vary the border a bit as you go around — use dc on the narrow end, and then as you get to the wide end, go to hdc and perhaps sc after that.

Baby blankets in use are rarely laid out perfectly flat.

Love the blanket. It is a nice contemporary change to the run-of-the-mill codices that are out there! Thank you! Love your tutorial! I love the look of the bobbles and want to give it a try. When you are sc and dc, do you insert the hook into the front loops, back loops, or both loops along the previous row. Which do you use? Thanks for sharing the pattern. What I love about your instructions is that they are extremely easy to follow and understand!

But now, I think I want to try the bobble! I have a quick question… Did you use scrape yarn, or did you go buy whole bundles? In any case, about how much yarn will need to be used for a baby seat cover. I love this blackberry baby blanket and I love the colors used. Thank you very much! Sorry, i meant to ask, if i needed to do a slightly bigger blanket, is there a certain amount of stitches i need to follow…eg does it have to be odd or even number stitches. Hope this makes sense. Thanks once again for sharing. Hi Marie! To make a larger blanket, add to the starting chain in groups of 4 sts.

If you are looking to go all they way up to a throw sized blanket, I have a pattern written up for the Blankberry Salad Striped Afghan as well! Thanks for reading, and you are very welcome! I figured it out. Watched the video again and realized I was putting 4 singles after a bobble instead of 3. I really love the colors you chose! Would you mind sharing which colors you used of the LB cotton ease? I want to make sure I end up with a similar look as yours. Hi Sarah! Actually, have a 2nd version planned too! The 2nd version I was going to use up some of my typical baby colors, and see what it looks like in pastels.

Thank you, and thanks for sharing the link! Iove the blanket! Thanks for posting! This pattern is just too cute! Thank you so much for sharing. They are very similar! Too funny! Thank you for sharing. Quick question, though— how did you finish it? Did you just wash and dry it, or was there blocking involved?

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  • Blackberry Salad Striped Afghan!

I made this for my 4 year old great-great-niece and it came out lovely! I so very much enjoyed making and know that I will definitely make more.

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It did take me awhile and I used 11 colors from my left overs yes I have a lot of yarn! I used baby soft and it was so fun deciding what color I was going to use next.

Crochet Bobble Blanket with Pattern

Teresa, you are so very welcome! I just love the look and texture of it!! I shared this on my blog today: As i beginner, i so appreciate the the different ways you show the pattern. Written,Chart and a video! I have been practicing stitches and pattern by making dishcloths! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent! Hi there!

Love this! Can you suggest a link or tutorial on how to add a border? Thanks in advance! Hi Marjie! There are probably hundreds of borders you could use — I like the simpler ones, but some people get quite fancy! I have a tutorial here about how to work into the edge that might help you out: Thank you so much for the pattern! Or do you wait and bite the bullet at the end? Hi Sara! I think I answered your question over on the Facebook page, but just to go ahead a put it out there — I wait and weave them all in at the end!

Thanks for answering both places! Thanks again for all you do! They blended in very well. Love your stuff- thanks! Thankyou SO much for sharing this! It is ahhmazing! I watched all your videos I could find on this baby blanket… My question is.. Do you have to cut and weave in the ends every two rows.

Do you have any videos on how to neatly and securely and invisibly weave in ends? I am a knitter but this is my first crocheted project. Hi Michelle! I usually cut them to leave a good 6 inches or more of length to weave in. The switching colors video is more for the mechanics of it rather than showing how long your ends should be.

For more info on weaving in ends, try this video: Hi, I ran across your pattern on Pinterest with a link. Beautiful, had no trouble at all with your pattern but would say an advanced beginner will be needed. No weaving needed. Thx for your beautiful pattern. Thank you for a lovely pattern. I think I would like to make it into a scarf. I think that would work or even a shawl. Nice pattern. German Tranlation: Wendeluftmasche der Vorreihe auslassen, eine Wendeluftmaschen, Arbeit wenden. Wie Reihe 3 arbeiten 6. Reihe bis Ende: I love the look of this blanket!!

I have bought the wool and am ready to go! Just a quick question about switching colours. I understand how to switch the colour but I am just wondering if you cut the first colour and then need to sew in a bunch of ends or do you just keep it attached until you pick up that colour again. Does that question make sense?? But more than that and I cut them and weave them in with each color change. Did you notice your started to round and now? Did you not hav to decrease to keep the blanket straight?

I have counted and they are the same number…I have tried it three times now and by the time I get too the third bubble row it starts to round In to a circle.. Hm, it might be a tension issue. Try chaining with a larger hook than you use for the rest of the blanket! I thought I read somewhere in these comments that you enjoy using Stylecraft Special DK wool… Would it be appropriate to use that for this project? Thanks for your advice! And thank you! I may have overlooked it, but how many rows are there in the baby blanket once finished?

I love your patterns! This one made me drool so much, it got me back into crocheting. I love the texture of this one and that it looks great with several colors. It is such a fun blanket. I recently made this baby blanket for a friend LOVE , and I think it would make an awesome,warm,cozy poncho and would love to make one for my 3 year old?

Any thoughts on making a pattern for that? I like the point in the front ponchos. I could probably figure out how to do it with two rectangle together, but I really like the ones that have a straight line join up in the front and back KWIM? I have no skills to do that. Crochet Blanket Pattern Round Up! I fell in love with this when I saw it on Ravelry!

  • Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket.
  • Ravelry: Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket pattern by Tamara Kelly.
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  • Blackberry Salad Afghan Free Crochet Pattern | CrochetKim™.

I love all your patterns. I featured this pattern on my blog yesterday. Thanks for sharing this amazing pattern. I am so glad you posted the videos!!!! I started this blanket four different times! I am wanting to do a decorative border on the blanket. What type of border would you recommend?

I LOVE it!! Congratulations Angela! I have been neglecting my pattern emails! But I found this pattern when I was trying to thin out my inbox. I will definitely be making this one, and using all scrap yarn, I have tons of it! Thank you for a free pattern, I cannot wait to get started on this.

Just have to finish one or two of the five projects I already have going…. I have almost finished the blanket, but I have just realized that on one side the are about 10 rows where it is a bit wider. My problema is that I have difficulties with changing the thread when I change color and I get lost there. Perhaps someone will give ideas. As I want to crochet a surround, erhaps adding some stitches to the narrower rows and then spquarin up. Please, help! A border can be a great save! Like you say, add dc to the shorter rows, then switch to hdc for the longer rows, and then do another border around that in a brighter color!

But I do have a little more info at https: Made the blackberry salad blanket for our new granddaughter. Is there a way to post a pic for you? Thank you so much for the pattern and video! I LOVE this design!! This is it!! It looks amazing! I am fairly new a crocheting and am expecting my first grand daughter. I have made this blanket alternating two colors so I have strings down one side. Do I just incorporate them in a single crochet stitch down the side or am I suppose to do something with them before I begin attempting to border?

Hi Deanna! Congratulations on the new grandbaby! A simple row of sc is nice, or something fancier if you prefer. It is so cute…time consuming, but cute! I usually do Granny blankets for new babies but I wanted something special for mine. Thanks for the pattern. When I am finished I will post a picture.

Unfortunately lion brand seems to have discontinued a lot of the colors used in this blanket… any suggestions for yarn brands in similar colors? Hi Becky! Hi Frances! I am using this pattern to make a prayer shawl. I think I will reduce the number of stitches to 70 or It should be fun.

Ravelry: Blackberry Salad Striped Afghan pattern by Tamara Kelly

I made this using light blue, royal blue, and goldenrod in repeating rows. It was easy to make and looked lovely! Thank you so much for this pattern. I did it for my son. You can see my blanket here: This blanket is gorgeous! I am working on it in different colours to go with one of my rooms, and also made a baby blanket in pure white which looks just beautiful.

I posted a picture of it on my blog http: Thanks Tamara — I am so glad you dropped in to visit and see. I think I will be using your pattern a lot in the future. Hiya would love to try this pattern. I also would like to add a border too. Can you tell me how I would do the edging? Would it be 2 single crochet each row? Thank you. Thank you Tamara for your reply. And when I come to the corner what do i do to get nice sharp corner?

Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket

Also ill be using dk yarn with 4mm hook. Would I still follow same pattern? Hi if I wanted to do a pram size blanket which will measure 60cm by 80cm how many chains will i start off with? Thank you? Hello Fahmida! That will depend on your yarn, hook, and gauge. I would recommend chaining to the width you want, working the first row to the stitch multiples given in the pattern, and then pulling out the extra chains from the knotted end.

Is there any video you can recommend? Where am I going wrong? Hi Fahmida! As I recall, that was very easy to do! Thank you so much for this pattern! I found it on Pinterest and I absolutely love it! OK so you have three pictures of this blanket. The first picture the one with the vibrant colors that I pinned on Pinterest looks like it has gaps or holes in between the puffs. But the other two pictures do not have holes or gaps in the blanket. I actually like the original picture that I pinned to Pinterest better the one with the holes in it.

Why do they look different? Or am I just mistaken? Thank you for this pattern! I just finished a throw that is about 50 x 70 in lovely muted fall colors using your pattern. I added a bobble edging around it using roughly this pattern: If anyone is curious, it took about 35 hours which for me took 4 months… ha! So pretty. Again, thanks for your generosity in sharing. What kind of border do people do on the blackberry salad blanket? I want to make a blanket as a wedding gift for my brother and sister in law who are expecting parents. Having looked through all baby blanket patterns on this blog, I liked this one best.

Would it be possible to make this with Lion Brand Baby Soft? If yes, what would I need to change apart from hook size, obviously? And would 7 skeins still be the right amount of yarn? Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me. Any worsted weight 4 yarn will work with this pattern — you can make it with a lighter yarn if you like, but it will turn out smaller unless you add more stitches.

The amount of yarn needed will just depend on the comparative yardage of the balls! Tamara used Lion Brand Cotton-Ease for this project, but the pattern is accommodating to just about any yarn you would like to use. Be prepared to use a bit more yarn than you would expect. Not a fan of changing colors manually? Great news for you! Go ahead and explore with these hugely trending color block yarns. Tamara has graciously made this pattern available for free on her website HERE.

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