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This IT Professional forum is specific to the Office version. My client purchased a retail box version of Office back when it was the most current product. (United States) to be presented with the message "Telephone activation is no . what you do is make a text file with the following code in it.

Your name is on your primary mailbox. In the Add shared folder dialog box, type the name or email address of someone who has shared a mailbox with you, and then select Add. The shared mailbox displays in your Folder list in Outlook Web App. You can expand or collapse the shared mailbox folders as you can with your primary mailbox.

Outlook on the web (on Office 365)

You also can remove the shared mailbox from your Folder list. To remove it, right-click the shared mailbox, and then select Remove shared folder. To receive notifications of new messages in the Inbox of a shared mailbox, you must open a shared mailbox in a separate browser window.

Use this method if you want to view and manage the email for the shared mailbox in its own browser window. Type the email address of the other mailbox that you want to open and then select Open.

Or, start typing and then select Search contacts and directory to find the mailbox you want to open. Select the shared mailbox you want to open, and then select Open. Another Outlook Web App session opens in a separate window, allowing access to the other mailbox. If you mistype the email address of the mailbox, the result is "No match was found. Select New mail above the folder list.

Getting started in Outlook Web App - Outlook

A new message form opens in the reading pane. Select More , and then select Show From.

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This option shows you that the people who receive the email message will see that it comes from the shared mailbox and not from your own email account. The first time you use a shared mailbox to send an email, you won't see the name of the shared mailbox account in the Show From drop-down.

How to create an email archive folder in Outlook Web App (OWA) 2016

For your first-time use, delete your name, type the name of the shared mailbox in place of your name, and then send the message. In the future, the name of the shared mailbox will display in the drop-down next to Show From , and you can select it. In the future, the name is cached so it resolves quickly. One of the great things about using a shared mailbox is that anyone who has access to the shared mailbox also has full access to the calendar.

In addition, it features similar search functionalities to Outlook on the web. Intel, AMD and ARM processors optimize virtualization in a number of ways, from instruction set extensions to interrupts, via For IT teams that need to manage Kubernetes deployments that span multiple cloud platforms, here are seven tools intended to Follow these steps to take VM snapshots in Microsoft Azure and learn when the technique is -- and isn't -- the right fit for your Cloud data warehouses see serious data transformation work moving cloud side.

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Get acquainted with these Windows 10 update Virtual desktops present unique security concerns. Take these three steps to better secure VDI environments from the start. VDI management is complicated, but the right troubleshooting tool can make it less so. IT should consider these factors when There are a few caveats to watch Essential Guide Browse Sections. This content is part of the Essential Guide: Plan your Exchange migration to Office with confidence. A walkthrough of the Outlook on the web interface and features.

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