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This IT Professional forum is specific to the Office version. My client purchased a retail box version of Office back when it was the most current product. (United States) to be presented with the message "Telephone activation is no . what you do is make a text file with the following code in it.

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The Murderer Who Helped Make the Oxford English Dictionary

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For an application I need to generate unique serial numbers for each English word. What would be the best approach? Upul Bandara. Upul Bandara Upul Bandara 4, 3 29 What is the requirement, why do you need these serial numbers.

The Murderer Who Helped Make the Oxford English Dictionary | Mental Floss

You could use the word itself. That's a base 26 representation. Actually I am planning to write a search indexer for a small desktop search engine. For this application I want to convert each word to unique serial number. What happens as new words are added to English?

Otherwise you can use a hash, but there is no guarantee it will be unique for all English words. Andreas Bonini Andreas Bonini The first paragraph is the only answer so far that meets the 'serial' requirement. I don't understand why this is being downrated. If he has a list of all possible words my solution an incremental serial is much better than using a "perfect hash" like the answer with 3 points suggested , if he doesn't than like I said either he can accept a small risk of collisions or use the word itself as the serial..

Just guessing, but perhaps the downvotes are about the too-strong claim in the second para, that "the only way" is using your ad-hoc algorithm. Clearly, that is not the only way. While I agree that there is possibly another way of doing it, I can see no answer yet that proposes a method that produces a guaranteed unique key for each word. Using a good enough hashing function the risk should be negligable but collissions can still occur, right?

‘Cat café’ and other words added to OxfordDictionaries.com

For instance another way is to compress the string, then use the compressed result as a unique value in the same way you use the uncompressed string as a value. I don't think a perfect hash function is necessarily a good idea here, as he'd have to rerun gperf everytime a new word was added.

Who knows? He doesn't say how he is going to use the "serial number". Maybe he wants to encode a fixed size dictionary. Here is an algorithm in python that allows you to code and decode any combination of lowercase letters: Alexandru Alexandru Charles Salvia Charles Salvia Dec 5 '09 at You could even run over your dictionary, test whether there are any collisions, and if so pick another hash.

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The problem with that is if you want to add new words in future, they might create collisions after it's too late to change the hash this problem also applies when constructing a perfect hash. I think the safest way to go is: Worry about what you've got now Order them in the most logical sequence alphabetically? Number them in sequence Add new words whether spelled the same or not and having different semantics at the end; give them the next number in the sequence, regardless of their rightful place in the dictionary alphabetically.

If you need to access the dictionary alphabetically, just sort by the word, otherwise, don't. BenAlabaster BenAlabaster I wonder if an answer is even possible. Are color and colour the same word? Do they get one serial number or two?

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Are polish and Polish the same word? Are watch noun and watch verb the same word? Are multiply verb and multiply adverb the same word? Are wont and won't the same word? Windows programmer.

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The 'OP' asked for a desktop indexer. Managing punctuation handling can be a configuration option. So 'Yes' I would say it is possible, until such time we can have semantically interpreted search results, we have to live with compromise. About about MD5 hash algorithm. Do something like this: