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This IT Professional forum is specific to the Office version. My client purchased a retail box version of Office back when it was the most current product. (United States) to be presented with the message "Telephone activation is no . what you do is make a text file with the following code in it.

Different Tack free, download: You spin your finger on the bottom half of the screen and you move through tweets, options, and timeline or replies or messages.

NewsFlow free, download: Basic features, but it works, and it looks good at it. Gmail Apps Browser free, download: WordPress free, download: This app will let you access multiple blogs, manage comments, write posts, add images and follow your stats. Location Wikitude free, download: Layar free, download: View restaurants, shops, touristic spots and much more around you. Poynt free, download: Poynt leaves the augmented reality aspect, but focuses on showing you points of interests around you, and guiding you to them with Ovi Maps.

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Utilities Flake free, download: Toshl free, download: Dropian free, download: Nokia Drop free, download: Qt Quick Shopping List free, download: This powerful file manager allows you to explore the contents of your own phone and other devices connected via Bluetooth. Bluetooth File Transfer is not just for copying files between two devices, you can also use it to edit, create, delete, move and rename files, either on your device, or another Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a PC, smartphone, PDA, or a music player.

Using Bluetooth File Transfer is incredibly easy.

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The screen is split into two sides: You toggle between the two using the arrow keys. You can explore the contents of drives simply by tapping on folders to open them, and using the Back button to move back up the directory. When a file is selected, hit the 'Menu' button and you'll see exactly what Bluetooth File Transfer can do. Bluetooth File Transfer also allows you to open text, audio, video and image files, using the built-in viewer.

Although it's slow to find devices at times, Bluetooth File Transfer still offers a simple way to explore and manage files remotely. As for those who prefer manual installation via adb or send via bluetooth or via sd-card, you can download this apk file. As for those who prefer manual installation via Nokia PC Suite or send via bluetooth, you can download this jar file. If your computer does not have Bluetooth then you can get a cheap USB Bluetooth dongle, preferably one which comes with a Broadcom driver.

Simply follow the steps above to pair with PC.

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Java-enabled j2me phones: Java-enabled phones that match: See other things you can do with Bluetooth…. Therefore, it would work as described only when a presentation is already opened in Microsoft Powerpoint. Also compatible with OpenOffice. Other Notes: Some media player commands may not work as intended if you have some versions of Nero or WinAmp software installed. You can check this if you have a multimedia keyboard: Known Issues: This rare error can be solved by Restarting your PC and try again.

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With WMouseXP, you have wireless control of your powerpoint presentation in your hand! With WMouseXP, your mobile phone can be used as a wireless mouse: WMouseXP generates smooth cursor movement on PC, the cursor move speed increases as you hold the joystick down. When you have control of your mouse cursor, you have wireless control of your computer.

NOKIA 5233 Fully loaded with SPBshell,whatsapp and much more

This mouse is entirely hand-held. You can use WMouseXP on your sofa, your bed, from your kitchen, virtually anywhere in the Bluetooth range - this is normally up to ten meters away! Feel sleepy?

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Yes, that sounds nice. Just use WMouseXP to make all this happen. Please visit http: